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We use the very best real estate advertising in Australia…



Gott Realty Premium Plus listing
gott-realty-premier-listing-new2Gott Realty Premiere Property listing

Premiere Property…

The ultimate in real estate advertising in Australia to find quality buyers.
With very large and prominent displays on the first page of your suburb, rotated back to the top of the first page every 15 days, this exposure will attract far more buyers to your home than any other form of internet advertising. The more buyers that view your home dramatically increases your chances of obtaining a great sale price.

This advertising also reaches interstate and international buyers. During the promotion of your property we distribute an e-brochure through using their own very large data base of registered buyers.

For sellers these types of advertisements are the ultimate in real estate promotions to attract buyers.


Look how Premiere Property works!

This graph shows Premiere Property at its best…


Highlighted Property.

For the first 30 days of the listing campaign we used Highlighted Property. Although there were plenty of interested buyers & inspections, no offers were received.

Standard Placement.

The next 22 days the listing dropped down to Standard Placement. During the time at this level no inspections took place and no inquiries either by phone or email were received.

Premiere Property.

From day 52 the property was upgraded to Premiere Property. Within a few days the number of inspections had dramatically increased and an offer had been placed on the property. During the course of the contract terms, we continued to receive numerous requests to inspect the property as well as receive another offer from one of the first inspections when the property was upgraded to Premiere Property, as well as further buyer interest in the event the sale did not proceed.

Why WE PAY (1) for the advertising

Steve GottPremiere Property advertising are the top of the range internet advertising placements in Australia on By giving all of our clients an opportunity to use this unique advertising to promote their home, we are insuring their chances of reaching the maximum number of potential buyers. This massive exposure contributes to more buyer inspections at the property. The more buyer inspections increases the chances of our clients receiving higher offers and higher offers means higher sale prices.

Premiere Property advertising all agencies weather big brand or independent have exactly the same number of buyers. Sadly many agencies may want to charge you like a raging bull up to $3500.00 (5) UP FRONT for these two advertisements on Australia’s top real estate web sites as well as charge you high commission rates. Match our advertising and discounted real estate commission rates (3) and you are on to a winner!

Call or text Steve Gott anytime for an appraisal,  Nothing ventured nothing gained 0419 777 577 or even email a request.

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*Essential information about our free advertising package.  Applies exclusively to owner occupied residential properties and vacant residential rental properties on a 90-day Property Occupation Act Form 6 Exclusive Agency Agreement. Each property listing will be advertised on Australia’s top web site using their top display advertisement Premiere Property for 90 days or until SOLD. If the property remains on the market after 90 days and the vendor signs a continuation agency agreement for a further 90 days then the property advertising will continue as a Premiere Property on for the duration of the continuation agency agreement.  If the property listing falls to an open agency or any other agency agreement other than an exclusive agency agreement than the listing will be advertised as a standard or feature property listing for the duration of the agency agreement.   Each property listing will be uploaded to several secondary web portals and social web media sites. Each property listing will include Professional photography with drone aerial shots, coloured floor plans, for sale sign and open homes. If your property is suitable for Twilight shots or live video of up to 90 seconds will also be included in our free advertising package.

All property listings are to be remain on the market for the full term of the exclusive agency agreement. If the property does not sell or is withdrawn from the market by the vendor at any time from the start date to the end date of the agency agreement or at any time from the state date to the end date or at the end date of any continuation agreement then all advertising expenses incurred on or will be reimbursed back to the agency by the vendor within 7 days of the vendor withdrawing the property from the market.

PROPERTIES EXCLUDED from our free advertising package. Auction Properties, Project Marketing, Tender Properties, Developments Projects, Builders Spec Properties, Occupied Residential Rental Properties, Deceased estates, Farms, Vacant Land and. owner occupied residential properties and vacant residential rental properties with less than 90-day exclusive agency agreement. Discounted Commission Rates are based on the OLD Queensland maximum scale of 5% for the first $18,000 and 2.5% thereafter plus GST.