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Inside info on Real Estate Agencies

All real estate agents and salespeople are the same, aren’t they?

In my 34 years of real estate sales experience, I have often found that most sellers assume that all real estate agents are the same and will sell their home …

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Wondering what the difference is between real estate agents?

Here is the lowdown on the different types of agencies and groups… Firstly, all real estate agencies must have a corporate real estate agency license. This license is obtained from …

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There are two types of Sales Agents trying to sell your home.

Firstly all sales representatives are required to complete a salesperson licensing course and gain a real estate salespersons license before they can be employed to sell property. They have to complete a …

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Selecting a salesperson

Does your accountant, solicitor or family doctor have the keys to your home? Many sellers give the keys to their home an hour or so after meeting the salesperson for …

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