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All real estate agents and salespeople are the same, aren’t they?

In my 34 years of real estate sales experience, I have often found that most sellers assume that all real estate agents are the same and will sell their home equally well.

Let me explain why this assumption is incorrect…

Here is an example from another industry: car servicing and repairs.  I suspect that when your car breaks down, or requires a major service, your heart is in your mouth, wondering how much money it will cost.

Most of us also worry about how much rubbish we are told by the different service centers about what needs to be fixed… that doesn’t actually need fixing.

This is what happened to me with my car… It had been continually serviced by a multi-national car brand for the previous eight years.  I had been having some trouble with the turbo for a few years, and had it replaced twice at the considerable cost of nearly $5,000 each time. The last time it was replaced, the car was worse than ever. In fact the head mechanic advised me not to drive the car too far from their workshop as there was supposedly low compression in the rear cylinder and the motor may blow up!

By this time I had had enough, so a friend suggested a mechanic he knew. With trepidation, I called him. The mechanic came around, went over the car, did a cylinder pressure test which was fine, looked at everything else and discovered that the air intake pipe from the intercooler was not attached to the turbo properly and was just sitting in position. With a lot of shoving and levering we managed to re-attach the cooler pipe to the turbo. He also changed the oil to a top grade oil, restarted the motor and from that day on, the car has never run better.

My point is that not all mechanics are ‘A grade’, even the big brand multi-nationals. Certainly not all real estate agents or the big brands have ‘A grade’ salespeople employed, by any stretch of the imagination.

The best way to choose the right agent to sell your home is to know the facts about real estate agency practices so that you can make an informed decision. Read my related articles for more information…