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Selling Secrets

Pricing your home to SELL!

Don’t price it to sell the home down the road it is already SOLD.

Many sellers price their home based on the sell price of a similar property down the road.

They may see the property down the road sell for $xyz and say “Mine is better than that“ or their best friend says “You could get $xyz for this.”

Agent research to determine a selling range

Agents have so much data available to them from websites such as RP Data and Pricefinder and now plus others. All are powerful tools for agents to use to assess the current market and price ranges for property, virtually anywhere either statewide or interstate if they need to.

There is absolutely no excuse for an Agent not to give you a selling range in 99% of cases. However there could be two exceptions:

  1. We are in the middle of a roaring boom, and prices are moving up fast and
  2. The home is extremely unusual and unique. In both of these cases it may be best to auction the property and let the buyers determine a sale price.

Sellers, you can do your own research to determine the selling range as well. See how at the end of this article.