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Andrew & Paula

“He has a wealth of knowledge and experience”

We recently commissioned Steve Gott to sell our house at Albany Creek. Steve came to our house to meet us, look through the house and chat with us about our expectations. Right from the start Steve was very positive and enthusiastic about our house. We found this very refreshing. Another agent we had contacted had tended to point out problems and reasons why it was only worth a certain amount, rather than focusing on the good points about our property.

Steve then took the time to explain the process of buying and selling and buyer behavior in a way that no other real estate agent has ever bothered to do. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him as well as all the necessary up-to-date trends and statistics of the local market at hand.

Steve did not try and talk down our price expectations. On the contrary he actually suggested we raise the asking price. He discussed strategies and all the various fall-back scenarios with us.

After that first meeting we could see that Steve was a master of buyer behavior and had a strategy and a story about every conceivable situation. We knew he was the right agent for us. As we got to know Steve more during the three weeks our house was on the market it also became clear that he can read potential buyers and their body language very well. Steve was prepared to hold open-homes every weekend until the house sold and the first open-home resulted in an offer.

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That first offer was lower than what we wanted. There was no pressure from Steve to accept the price. Together we formed a strategy and the offer was increased, but still not to our desired range. Once again Steve did not try and pressure us into accepting the offer just to get a quick sale. I am convinced that other agents would have been trying to talk/scare us into accepting that offer.

On Steve’s advice we waited, and a couple of weeks later the right buyer came along. Steve negotiated a price with that buyer on his first inspection of the property that was within our target range. We returned home and to our great surprise Steve informed us he had sold our house. And he goes about it all, in a very honest, relaxed and easy-going manner.

Interestingly in our case the buyer noticed the house from just driving down the street. Steve has a very noticeable For-Sale sign. It is unique and it stands out. Everything helps.

But most of the interest was generated from the website and his attention to our advert and the correct photography was excellent.

I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to deal with Steve and I never thought I would say that about a real estate agent. We enjoyed catching up with him each week to discuss our campaign. He is a very genuine individual, there is no façade or hidden agenda with Steve.

We feel that not only did Steve sell our house in quick time, he also maximised the sale price for us. His commissions are cheaper than the big franchises. Just as important was the fact that at all times we felt that our house was a priority for Steve. He is easily contactable at all times. He can give a property just as much exposure to the market as any other agent. I cannot think of anything more I could ask for in a real estate agent.

We would highly recommend Steve Gott to anyone wanting to sell their property.

— Andrew & Paula, 24 January 2013


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